Hello, I'm Herbert!

I am a full stack mobile and web developer with experience developing iOS and Android applications as well as web apps.

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With a passion for UX, UI and Product Design. Proficient in design tools, interactive Prototyping and iterative product development.


Clients and Partners


Stock Portfolio tracker for Retail Investors

Stock portfolio tracker with an emphasis on long term retail investors. Allows users to import their stock portfolio from their stock broker and get detailed statistics about their stocks.


#Web #Mobile #Backend #PostgreSQL #MongoDB

Full Stack development with Kotlin/Java backend and Angular frontend.

#Mockups #Prototype

Mockups and rapid Prototyping for the complete app experience.



Sobotta Anatomie Atlas

Elsevier GmbH

The Sobotta Anatomy app is an anatomically-detailed app with over 25,000 precisely placed pins covering the complete human body; General Anatomy and Musculoskeletal System, Internal Organs, Head, Neck and Neuroanatomy.

#iPad #iPhone #Android

Development in Objective C for iOS with local Storage, in app purchases, social sign in with a feature equivalent app in Android with Java.

#Mockups #Prototype

Mockups and fast Prototyping for new Training system based on Spaced Repetition Learning.

ÖAMTC Driving Test

Österreichischer Automobil-, Motorrad- und Touringclub

With the new ÖAMTC app, you can simulate the driving licence test for the basic knowledge module and modules A and B, or complete a training session.

#iPad #iPhone #Android #Web #Desktop

Cross Platform development with HTML5 and JavaScript. Embedded in native iOS and Android Apps developed in Objective C and Java.

#Mockups #Prototype

Mockups and fast Prototyping for new Training system based on Spaced Repetition Learning.




Benefit Büroservice GmbH

Using this app you can easily forward incoming calls to your personal assistant who will take your call in the name of your company. They will respond the way as you have configured in the app. Responses could include out of office, meetings, holidays, etc. You will later be notified by your assistant about missed calls.

#iPhone #Android

Native iOS and Android development in Swift and Java. Heavy integration with native APIs to enable call redirection, creating address book entries and communicating with the server component.

#Mockups #Prototype

Created all Mockups and Click-through prototype for the Android and iOS version prior to development.

Stille Nacht

T-Mobile Austria

Have a silent night, for every minute your smartphone is switched into silent mode, T-Mobile Austria is donating 1 Cent to a charity.

#iPhone #Android

Cross platform development with HTML, SASS (CSS) with native wrappers for push notifications and silent mode detection in Objective C for iPhone and Java for Android.


Quick iterative prototyping to evaluating feasibility as well as platform possibilities.