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CI: Building a Flutter App on Travis️

10 November 2019

One of the first things when starting a new flutter project for me is making sure it is easy to actually deliver it. Especially for open source projects this is has some challenges on a public CI/CD like travis or cirrus ci.

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Secrets with Blackbox in a Continuous Integration service

29 October 2019

When storing your secrets in your git repository using blackbox you need a way to easily decrypt them on your CI. This can be a bit combersome if you require a gpg key. In this article we look at ways on how to do this on GitLab CI, Travis CI and CirrusCI

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Manage secrets in a flutter project with Blackbox

22 October 2019

For every flutter mobile app there are certain secrets which have to be integrated into the app. These might include API Keys or private keys for services like Firebase, Analytics, etc. Or provisioning profiles for iOS.

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Launching new blog 🎉️

15 October 2019

Finally got around to start a new blog. Obviously based on dc2f (static page publisher).

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