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Teaser CI: Building a Flutter App on Travis️

CI: Building a Flutter App on Travis️

10 November 2019

One of the first things when starting a new flutter project for me is making sure it is easy to actually deliver it. Especially for open source projects this is has some challenges on a public CI/CD like travis or cirrus ci.


The things to consider when building a typical flutter app for android.

  • Blackbox: Manage Secrets which might include:
    • Upload or signing keys.
    • Secret API Keys for services used in the app (like Google Analytics, etc.).
    • Provisioning Profiles or similar.
  • Install all app dependencies on the CI.
    • Android SDK
    • Flutter
    • Blackbox
  • Synchronize build numbers between build servers and branches.

Blackbox: Managing Secrets

Blackbox are a collection of scripts based on GPG to store secrets inside public git repositories.

Check out the deep dive in how to use blackbox for your flutter app.